Claiming Universal Credit Alongside Existing New Style ESA

Hey all,

My wife currently claims new style ESA, and is in the support group for this.

I've done a benefit calculator, and it turns out my wage is low enough for us to be entitled to some help, only around £170pm but every little helps!

When I click on how they've worked out the calculation, it says it includes the "Disability" element - Presumably this is "LCWRA"?

My questions, therefore, are:
  1. Would my wife have to have yet another Work Capability Assessment, despite being in New Style ESA Support Group? I've heard because she's in the support group, she is automatically entitled to LCWRA?
  2. Would the job centre badger me to get a better job? (Never claimed UC before so unsure how this works)
  3. Would the job centre badger my wife to get a job?
  4. How long is the reassessment period for LCWRA?
If it's any help, my wife is claiming nsESA for severe depression, autism and dyspraxia - And plans to give PIP a go, too.

Thanks all!


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