Good bank interface / bad bank interface

Beauty here is there's no right or wrong answer. Well actually every answer is right for whoever is posting.

I'm sure many of us have been around the various big name banks as well as some of the not so well known ones. Who's portal did you like & who's did you not?

Can be app based, browser based, both.

For me - 

FirstDirect - horrible, prehistoric interface. I don't like it one bit. I've been wanting to leave them for a long time but they keep bringing out decent regular savers, so I stay.
Chase - again, not a fan of their app. With every bank I can go & see what my end balance was say 5 days ago. Can't do that with Chase. Also when setting up payments, I don't see any reference. It's name, sort code, account number & that's it. I like to have a reference. 
Royal Bank of Scotland - not quite as bad as FD but not much better. Again, itching to leave but their regular saver isn't bad, so I stay.

I quite like - 

Halifax/Lloyds - nice & clean. My only gripe is I have a lot of payees to delete & what a ballache it is. Once you've deleted one, instead of taking you back to the payees page, you have to go round a load of clicks to get back where you were. The payments are decent on the browser but if i remember right, the app is a bit of a pain in that it only gives you sort codes & account numbers, not references. You have to click one to see if you got the right one. No good. 

Santander - quite like their setup but I only use it for the direct debits they pay out on.

HSBC - quite like theirs and they get bonus points for offering a live chat, unlike some of the others. I don't want to have to phone for everything.

Nationwide's is nice & clean too but when you're looking through payment history I think they could be better with showing the references. To be picky, my gripe with them is their weird sort code/account number setup which dictates what I have to put in as a reference. I like to put my own reference in.

Who do you like/dislike?


  • Rob5342Rob5342 Forumite
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    I like Monzo, it shows everything as a feed with upcoming direct debits, and transactions you have to authorise on it.

    I don't like the ones that show pending transactions separately as it looks messy
  • KxMxKxMx Forumite
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    Really love Starling, the app is lightyears ahead of the more traditional bank offerings.
  • B0bbyEwingB0bbyEwing Forumite
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    kaMelo said:
    You're picking style over substance.
    You've stated you like Lloyds and Nationwide because they look nice whilst mentioning technical issues where they could do better, Santander also suffer the same problem with payees all looking alike. Yet, You you don't like RBS as it's one step up from the prehistoric FD interface despite the fact it doesn't suffer with any of the technical issues you don't like at Lloyds/Halifax/BOS/Nationwide/Santander.

    There are many instances when websites have been upgraded to look nice but removing functionality in the process.  Personally, as long as it works how I want it to work, I don't care what it looks like.
    Beauty here is there's no right or wrong answer. 
    You have yourself a nice day now :)
  • tr7philtr7phil Forumite
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    I like the layout of the NatWest web interface, although I preferred it before the recent changes.  The only functional issue that bugs me is that there is no way of setting up a standing order to an existing payee (that I have found) so you have to reenter the details.  I quite like their app too.

    I hate the Santander web interface, I don't find it at all logical.

    Others that I use but not enough to find their shortcomings (i.e. they all do what I need them to do for me personally) are Halifax, Tesco, Coventry, Virgin and Saffron.
  • B0bbyEwingB0bbyEwing Forumite
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    There's a thought that's just come to me - 

    I wonder if (unless it's changed since I was last with them) the Post Office's system is universally seen as poop.

    I was with them to meet direct debit requirements on other banks. I was very happy the day I left. Their system was horrible in every way, all the way up to their customer service team. 
  • jimjamesjimjames Forumite
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    Dislike Virgin, payment process is a pain.

    Nationwide is well laid out but again payments aren't useful - once made you get left on a screen and then have to manually click to return to main menu.

    Most banks (other than now closed Tesco) don't seem to share payment details across multiple accounts so if you have more than 1 account you have to setup all the payment details more than once.

    BOS/Halifax is pretty good, well laid out screen and easy to use
    Remember the saying: if it looks too good to be true it almost certainly is.
  • EarthBoyEarthBoy Forumite
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    I dislike Nationwide because they don't include references on either sent or received payments.  They let you put the reference in when sending the payment, but they don't show it in the transaction history/statement afterwards, which can make it difficult to reconcile your accounts.

    Even worse, payments between different Nationwide accounts, whether your own or someone else's, don't show the payees name in the transaction history.  Instead, they show the sort code and account no., so unless you have memorised those details, it's very easy to forget who you've paid, or who you've received money from.
  • DaliahDaliah Forumite
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    tr7phil said:
    I like the layout of the NatWest web interface, although I preferred it before the recent changes.  The only functional issue that bugs me is that there is no way of setting up a standing order to an existing payee (that I have found) so you have to reenter the details.  I quite like their app too.

    You could use the app, if you wanted to, to create SOs for existing payees. Simply follow these steps:
    • Payments
    • Regular Payments
    • Standing Orders
    • Create standing order
    • Choose payee or account

    Not sure whether you can do the same in online banking, too, as I only use the app. However, to set up an SO to a new payee, the app says you have to use online banking 🤣, I would just create a new payee in the app, and then follow the steps above 🤣
  • penners324penners324 Forumite
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    You can add a reference in Chase though....
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