Universal credit deduction question

I received my latest statement today, I'm receiving £334 in benefits. I was paid £228 from my employer in this period. Looking at deductions they've taken off £125.04 for 'take-home pay' I rang up and asked why as I thought there were no deductions unless I was paid more than £334, I was told this is because I'm not a parent, is that correct? Other deductions include £20 for an advance payment which im not questioning, but then another deduction of £62.88 for debt I owe dwp which I think is an old advance from a previous claim, I was paying £5 a month towards that but as Ive only been paid £228 since July I haven't been able to afford to pay anything, does anyone know why they've taken such a large amount? It's left me with just £125 to be paid to me after all the deductions.


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