Having to now phone up to do balance transfers

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edited 11 August 2022 at 12:29AM in Credit cards
I did a balance transfer to Tesco, in June this year, was a generic fail message which I cannot remember what it said, told me to ring them to get it done.

I rang up, and it failed for the operator as well, but she said she emailed a team for them to process it manually, it was done the next day.  The lady said was a fault, but she thought was supposedly fixed by the time I rang.

I then did one to MBNA last week, or attempted to, this failed again with a generic error.  I rang them up, they said was no marker on my account so it made no sense.  They asked me to try again on the Monday, it worked Monday online (inferior offer though, changed from the Saturday, higher fee and two less months, luckily doesnt matter as balance be paid off by the last month).

My debt will probably be fully paid off during next year, so not a problem for much longer but has anyone else noticed this trend or is it just me?


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