No car insurance cover for 4 days

To cut a long story short, I'm involved in a charity that owns a vehicle. Previous car insurance policy expired last Friday, and charity failed to arrange a new policy on time (insurer refused to provide cover for new driver [driver changed at time of policy expiry] due to change in underwriting criteria).

A broker was approached to arrange new insurance, but still waiting to hear back on quotes.

Charity have now realised that they are without cover, and a temporary short term insurance policy has been put in place today (should have really happened on Friday, but didn't).

This means the vehicle has been without valid insurance between Friday and today.

Does anyone know what will now happen? Can the charity as the registered keeper expect to hear from the DVLA and will they get fined automatically?

I assume the answer is yes, but I wanted to check whether anyone knows whether this will happen automatically and in what timeframe.

As an aside, the vehicle is kept off-road and has not been driven by anyone during this period (so no "driving without valid insurance" offence will have been committed)


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