Fake listings/tracking details

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Am I missing something?! A couple of occasions recently I've spotted what I thought were good deals on household items (1 x grocery, 1 x diy). (Not stupidly, too good to be true cheap, but a good deal).  New sellers, less than 5 feedback, but I figure we've all gotta start somewhere 🤷‍♀️

Both occasions seller has despatched within 30 mins 🤨 and uploaded tracking- which a few days later shows as delivered. But not to me - both to addresses in towns miles away.  Both items have been refunded by ebay, no problem. But it's annoying, and I can't figure out how the "seller" benefits?! Am I missing something? Is it some sort of scam?

Oh, and the seller now does not exist.....🤷‍♀️


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    Seller benefits if they get lucky enough to withdraw the money before ebay or paypal block the account.  Many scams through one account
    and they take it out fast. Many more accounts ready to go when that one fails.

    Several ways to get the funds safe, if they are any good they will usually know the limits before more protection kicks in and which
    categories to avoid.  But there are plenty of fresh upstarts who make silly mistakes right from the start.

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    Yeah, it's a huge thing right now. I got an Amazon package about 6 months ago and it was addressed to soneone else, but had my address on it.

    I sent it back to Amazon that day and then had someone come round and try and claim it. Told them I'd sent it back and closed the door!
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    Never ceases to amaze, the machinations of a dishonest mind 🤨🙄
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