O/S Daily Saturday 9th July 2022

Good morning, there's another nice day ahead I think.  Yesterday was lovely but it was distinctly cool last night.
Thanks to Nanny's instructions to the Sandman I had a better night last night!
Dgs was here yesterday and he kept us on our toes as usual.  he was outside most of the time with his garage and cars, then DH took him to our little railway station to see the trains.
I did a bit of watering last night, and will do a bit more today, it's a dry as sticks in the garden.
There's a bit of shopping to do today, and I must continue organising my clothes for going away.  It's a job I dislike but it has to be done.
Hope everyone has as good a day as they can, hope you have a nice weekend away Camelot.
Take care folks


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