Search marquis and other nuisances driving me CRAZY

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Hi I am using a MacBook Air bought in November brand new from the shop. I don't know why it is plagued with what I believe is a malware so every safari search directs me to bingo if I am lucky, otherwise I get another tab with search marquis. It is getting to the point where I can't open any links at all and sometimes not even my email from outlook.
Sometimes I also have difficulties opening files.

When I spoke to apple care via text message they advised me to buy a external hard drive and do a back up, then run malwarebytes to clean the computer but the hard drives from apple are too expensive and the other ones I found on amazon have bad reviews saying people lost all their stuff.

I have been using apple for many years and never had this problem, in fact my old mac book never gave me any concerns regarding viruses or malware. I am so disappointed with this new one.

BTW I have no idea how this laptop became so bad, I don't click on any dodge links and rarely download anything. I don't use any extensions.

What should I do?


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