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Would you advise applying for a credit card from the same bank that holds my main account? Or is it better to have a card from a different bank? Or again, do you think it doesn't make any difference?


  • It makes no difference. Go for the product that suits you best.
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    And go for the one that might accept you.
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    It makes no difference in the vast majority of cases - go for the card that suits your needs the best, or offers rewards that are of most benefit to you (Tesco points, Nectar points, Airmiles, cashback, whatever).
    The only time it may make a slight difference is if you have a very thin credit file (i.e. very little or no credit history).  In such cases, your own bank can be a good bet as they can at least see how you've managed your account, in the absence of any data from the CRAs.  Even then, one of the "credit builder" cards can be a good punt.  But if you have a reasonable credit history then it makes little difference which card you apply for.
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    Thank you everyone.

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