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I have 2 policies, 1x van and 1x car.

I have 11y NCB on my car policy on retention for about 18m as getting ready to swap to another vehicle.

I had a knock on my van policy which I'm guessing I will need to report when I renew my car policy shortly.

How does this affect my car NCB if it was on a separate policy.

It is a 3rd party claim, I do not wish to claim anything as no damage to my van and happened 3 months ago but the claim has just been put in.


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    It doesn't affect the NCB on the car policy, but may result in a higher premium.
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    No claims bonus applies to the policy, not to the person. If you have two policies, a claim on policy A has no effect on the NCD for policy B. The flip side is that if you have an NCD built up on one vehicle and acquire a second vehicle, you can't use your NCD on both vehicles at once.

    As above you will have to declare the accident to your car insurer, and this might have an impact on your car premium, but not as big as if you also lost your car NCD. 
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