Tax On a self employed job and a pt employed job

Hi i am currently a self employed mobile hairdresser but im thinking at taking a part time job aswell ..BOTH seperate salaries are below the income tax freshhold ..
self employed = 9 - 10k a yr ,  pt employed job = 11500k a yr , 
how do i pay tax/ni  on these jobs ..or dont i ..??!!


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    Ultimately you pay on your combined taxable income.

    You can have your Personal Allowance allocated to the employment meaning no tax will be paid there during the year then you declare all your taxable income on your Self Assessment return and pay what's due via that.

    Or you could have a BR (basic rate) tax code at the employment and have a smaller bill on Self Assessment for even a small tax refund if your profits are in line with your expectations.

    It's what suits you best.  But not paying tax now on the employments means a bigger bill later on.  Suits some people but not everyone.
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