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I own a 10 bedroom (and bathroom) B&B, today I had a call from a company called Trilogy Consultants who claimed they had been forwarded details of our water payments from OFWAT and we have been over paying and are due a refund of £1,500, which they will help me claim. He wanted to arrange appointment for a consultant to discuss this with me and complete the payment work. It all sounded very plausible, but when I requested him to email me details and then I would confirm the appointment he been evasive and pushy. In the end I hung up the call.

Has anyone heard of this? Is it genuine or a scam?

Their website is



  • marcia_marcia_ Forumite
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     Scam or genuine but wanting a huge fee. 

     If you've genuinely overpaid apply to get it back yourself. 
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    Ofwat wouldn't have any info on your water use so it's a scam.

    There is a genuine company in the water industry called Trilogy but they are nothing to do with this outfit.
    Remember the saying: if it looks too good to be true it almost certainly is.
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    OP Report the conversation to OFWAT.
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    Hi Gavlah,

    A chap from Trilogy came out to my Guest House in November last year initially about overpayments on my past water bills. I signed the paperwork and in April received a rebate back to my bank as a result of their work. I've not experienced any issues along the way and I am now paying cheaper prices for my water. I can appreciate some people may be skeptical with things like this but overall i'm satisfied with what they have done for my business.

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