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I have a new PCP car not to be handed back for 3 years. The car is used for my job and yesterday I came to it and there are 3 deep scratch’s along the middle of the rear passenger door one quite deep. How do I go about repairing it, do I have to take it back to the dealer ship or can I get it done independently and hope the colour matches? I can’t find anything in the T&C’s


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    Any damage will be assessed when you hand the car back and the criteria will be in the PCP contract.

    Toyota even supplied me with a card that shows their definition of minor scratches and dents.

    You can get it repaired wherever you want.
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    PCP has official industry guidelines on how long/deep scratches have to be in order to be chargeable vs wear and tear. If it's personal PCP and you intend to hand it back/change after 3 years, I would suggest getting it done now as, by the time 3 years is up, whether it was done at a dealer or independent isn't likely to be a major issue. My local Mazda dealer gets people in to do spraying for example anyway.
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