Car insurance comparison sites

Has anyone else noticed discrepancies between the features listed on a comparison site and those actually contained in the policy?
For example,
I specified that I wanted Windscreen cover and the top referral from a particular comparison site listed £100 and confirmed that windscreen cover was included,
However, when I clicked through to the provider, it was another £50 for windscreen cover
When I spoke to the provider they seemed quite  unconcerned and  "pressured" me to sign-up.

Are these simple "mistakes"?


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    No they're not mistakes as such, this happens because the many and varied Insurers and Brokers on comparison websites have lots of differences in policy limits, excesses, cover, etc and PCW's 'map' to the closest option for each.  This is done because if they needed to cover all these options, the application process would be prohibitively long. 

    That said, mapping errors do occasionally happen despite all the testing that is done before any insurer/broker goes live. 

    It's for this reason that these sites explicitly state you should review the additional options, limits and excesses after you click through.
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