Cooking your own meals

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For breakfast buy a big bag of porridge. £1.15 for a 1kg bag. It will last you for quite a long time.

Buy a slow cooker from wherever you can find the cheapest one. I actually bought one for £5 and another for £10, so look out for old stock and bargains.
You can still buy a 3.5L for less than £15 at the moment.

Fill your slow cooker with chicken, onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms, potato or whatever takes your fancy. Make some chicken stock with Oxo cubes.

I normally buy a cooked chicken from Tesco at £5.50, but if you find out which day they cook them and go in the next day they are normally a lot cheaper £3.50 or so.

I put my vegetables in the night before and leave them cooking all night. The next morning cut your chicken up into pieces and add it to the pot. Add some salt and pepper to taste.

If you work awkward hours you can use a timer.

If you fill the 3L pot or if you have a family you can buy a 6L pot, the food will last you for 3 days.

You should be able to buy everything for under £6 if you buy the chicken at a reduced price £3.50 or you can cook it yourself.

So you have 3 main meals lasting for 3 days. COST around £2 a day. Obviously this varies depending on how many you are cooking for and if your are using a 6 Litre or 3 Litre pot.

But however much you have to spend it is a very healthy and tasty meal costing a lot less than eating out.


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    Good post and a refreshing change from the helplessness that sometimes is encountered about cost of living. Like you have done, control what you can control and take ownership. Often the cheapest cuts such as shin of beef are superb in the slow cooker as they don't dry out. 
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    We have 2 small slow cookers bought a few years ago for silly money.  My favourite things are beef chilli in one and rice pudding in the other.  I usually drain the tinned tomatoes otherwise the chilli will end up a bit sloppy.

    we have a large freezer and buy beef mince reduced or on special offer.  
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    Hmmmm I never strain the juice from tomatoes when doing chilli it reduces as it’s cooking. I recently saw a chilli recipe on YouTube and dark chocolate was gated into it anyway next chilli I did I put a spoonful of proper cocoa in and the chilli was very good you wouldn’t immediately go oh there’s cocoa or something different in there but like I said it turned out a really good chilli. Huge respect to anyone who goes to the effort of cooking for the family and sticking a bit in the freezer for another time.
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    Awww that must be hard at times.
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    PLRFD said:
    Awww that must be hard at times.
    It can be. Especially when I'm dying for a bit of Cadbury's chocolate or fancy some Haribo's or my favourite Maynard's wine gums. I can't just have one. End up eating the whole bag. It's Easter weekend too!  So have to behave myself :D
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    Do you have room for a reasonable sized freezer?  If so, batch cook.
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    I'm not sure why you'd buy a ready cooked chicken (as per 1st post)
    You can get a kilo of skin on, bone in fresh chicken thighs for £1.99 from Aldi. That goes a long way in a slow cooker. I take most of the skin off & leave the bone in.  last time I worked out each thigh was 25 pence (Of course it depends on the size!) but there were 9 in the pack.

    Own brand stock cubes much cheaper in Aldi

    As far as I know the cheapest (small) slow cooker is from Asda (£12)  with Currys next (£12.99) When I bought mine I read the reviews- the Crockpot doesn't have a 'power-on' light.
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    i have batched cooked 5 casseroles 2 beetroot salad and 2 currys and a soup for next 10 days I also have to not have carbs.  Just chucked into slow cooker and batched up in containers then put in fridge freezer. Dont bother peeling just wash veg and chop up and chuck in slow cooker. 
    35k savings no debt
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