How do I get a refund or change of day on a bus ticket.

On the 26/3/2022 I bought my two daughters a weekly bus ticket to start on the 28/3/2022 but on the 27/3/2022 one of my daughters tested positive for covid so she wouldn't need the ticket so I went on stagecoach website and I tried to cancel the ticket and it said Sorry, This ticket cannot be cancelled this may be because your ticket has expired or is already active. Refunds are not eligible for paper tickets, one week, 5 day and 12 trip SmartZone tickets.
I know it says one week tickets but I went on twitter to see if anything could be done but they didn't get back to me so I emailed stagecoach and they haven't got back to me so I don't know if they are waiting for the 3/4/2022 when the ticket expires before the contact me. If stagecoach doesn't contact me do you think paypal will help.


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