Yesterday Martin stated again that Council Tax wqas increasing by 3% generally. This again disregards the additional Council Tax charged for Adult care which in my area means the totally increase is closer to 6% than 3%. As Council tax is not included in the CPI it does not show up in the inflation figures although it is a major component of expenditure each month. We are now hit by a double whammy, the extra Benefit charge and extra Council tax. Isn't it time for some more equitable tax charge?


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    Not just those two, National Insurance contributions are going up, as is Electric/Gas, a general rise in fuel prices to throw in the mix, still at least we are not being bombed eh.
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    Phone contracts, water prices (except South West where they are skyhigh to start with), vehicle fuel and heating oil (my 1500 litre top-up just cost £1100 compared to £700 a year ago).

    Oh,and ...TVlicence, road tax, and prescription charges.
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    I think the worst is yet to come, wonder what the debt collection agencies will do when many people stop their payments.
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    I'm in the North East. Got my water rates bill yesterday and it's gone down by £4 per month. Council Tax bill arrived today and it's gone down by £10 per month. I don't get Council Tax Reduction. Those are both currently paid over 10 months as I like the two 'free' months in February and March each year but might have to go to 12 monthly at some point. My rent has increased by £10 per month over 12 months.

    That said, my energy provider wants to treble my monthly direct debit for gas and add £10 a month for electricity despite my signing up to fix until September 2022 just before it all blew up and despite my using less energy than previously due to better insulation. I'm presuming it's just system generated because my meter readings crossed with that month's direct debit payment and I had a more or less zero balance on both accounts. I'll be sorting that out tomorrow but if they insist then I'll be cancelling my direct debits for the first time in forty years and paying either by standing order or by cheque (remember those?) because I don't trust them with my debit card info and don't want to enter a recurring payment nightmare.

    Until I know what my occupational pension is going to be for the coming financial year it's difficult to know how hard I'll be hit by the cost of living increases.

    There are plenty worse off than me and my advice is to make sure you're claiming any benefits you're entitled to, make sure you're getting all the help you can with utility bills, especially Warm Home Discount and help with water costs. If you're outside the Council Tax Bands getting the £150 rebate, still check whether you can claim under the discretionary scheme with your local Council. 
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