Tesco debt sold to INTRUM…should I be concerned?

I have a 4 year old CC debt with Tesco of around £9k that has just been sold to Intrum. I have been paying a nominal payment of £5 PM which Intrum say they are happy to continue. My question is how are Intrum to deal with? Tesco have always been very easy to deal with, have asked for a review every 6 months which I have simply replied with ‘my circumstances have not changed’ and that has been it. Are Intrum likely to want all new I&E and looking further down the line, what are they like for accepting reduced F&F offers? 
What is other’s experience? Good and bad! 
LBM: December 2017
Debt then: £21,018
Debt now: £17,526


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    Intrum are a specialist debt purchasing company, with regard to payment, they will pretty much accept what you offer them, and from time to time they will fire off settlement offers to you to consider.

    They are really no better or worse than any other debt purchasing company out there, all operate a very similar model.
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