No credit history - all shared with husband

I’m trying to work out why my credit history isn’t showing all of the joint cards/mortgages/loans my husband and I have SHARED over the past 25 years. 
As the main breadwinner everything has obviously been based on his salary. I have run my own businesses and been self employed for the past 20 years on and off but never earned that much. 
However, we have a joint mortgage (a very small one in relation to value of house), Joint credit cards with excellent monthly spend and pay back.  No bankruptcy, CFA’s or issues in any way. 
Yet I can’t get a credit card to build up my credit score. 
Mu husband has taken semi-retirement but has a healthy income coming in still. We have good savings. My plan is to buy and renovate property now I have the time and space to do so. But I can’t get a mortgage and all the advice is to mortgage rather than use savings. 
It makes no sense that my credit score is non existent and feels very unfair. 


  • There are no joint cards in the UK. Is it the case that all the cards are in your husband's name and you were only an additional cardholder?

    Do you have an income? You'll struggle to get a card without one which is both sufficient and reliable.

    Check all three of your files to see what, if anything, appears.

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    Hi. Zx81. Yes, you’re right I’m an additional card holder. But our mortgage and bank accounts are “joint”
    When you say check all three files what do you mean? On the credit score? It says needs improvement on credit cards. 

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    There are three credit rating agencies - Experian, Equifax and Transunion. A lender can refer to one or all three so you should keep an eye on all.

    For free access:
    Experian - MSE Credit Club
    Equifax - Clearscore
    TransUnion - Credit Karma

    You can also get a pdf version of each report by requesting a "Statutory Credit Report" from each CRA.

    Ignore the credit score. Lenders don't see that credit score. They look at the data on your credit report(s) and do their own internal scoring. 

    Have you tried getting a credit building credit card? The APR will be high and the limit low but if you use it for a while and pay it off in full every month it will help build up a credit history. Then you can try apply for a mainstream card.
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    If the bank account has never had an overdraft facility it may not report. The mortgage not reporting does seem odd however. If you still don't see it after checking all 3 CRAs you should probably change the exact name, DOB and address that the mortgage account shows for you.
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