Best option for long term Mobile roaming in Ireland??

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My family live in Northern Ireland but my son has just started university in Trinity College Dublin. He is currently with EE (although just out of contract) and they have advised him that if he keeps his current £33 per month tariff (he was paying for an iPhone) then his allowances will continue to be usable in Ireland, but if we wants a new phone or wants to downgrade to a Sim only tariff, then as of next January they will start charging him £2 per day for roaming.

Now they would, very kindly, upgrade him to a £25 per month Sim only deal which would still theoretically allow him to use his allowances in Ireland but because he will be resident in Ireland for 10-12 week blocks (for at least 2 of his three semesters). that is in breach of their normal fair use conditions covering roaming and so (reluctantly, I'm sure) they can't guarrantee he won't get hit with "outside allowance" roaming charges once their billing system picks up on this strange usage pattern.

Anyone encounter this before or have any suggestions on an alternative network provider we could migrate him too?  Like most young people, his phone is his lifeline and while he's happy to migrate to another UK network provider, he's not keen to switch to an Irish network and lose his established mobile number (and which would also require most of his friends having to pay for an international call when they wanted to get hold of him) .

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


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