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Jaja customers hit by account error as duplicate transactions and incorrect balances listed

in Credit cards
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MSE_EmilyMSE_Emily MSE Staff
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Credit card firm Jaja has admitted an issue that means some customers have had the same transaction added to their online and app-based account more than once. Jaja insists payments have only been processed once but it’s left customers confused and unsure of their available balance...

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Jaja credit card customers hit by account error as duplicate transactions and incorrect balances listed – here’s what it means for you

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  • KittenChopsKittenChops Forumite
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    Mine's affected - they've applied the payment I made to them on 6th August twice - putting me £700 ish in credit (until they resolve it!)

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    dr_adidas01dr_adidas01 Forumite
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    Yup mine is the same transactions charged twice and also payments made twice. 

    Am sure it will eventually get sorted out when they can actually find out what has gone wrong with the IT system. 
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  • born_againborn_again Forumite
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    Someone run a tape twice and charged customers again. Will be at payment processor end.

    Happens far more often than people think.
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