Misled by accident management company

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Please please help!
my son had a car accident 10 days ago (not his fault) and we rang the accident hotline for Hastings Direct they were very helpful said it wouldn’t affect his insurance and would come off the other persons, they arranged for a hire car to be delivered and a solicitor to contact with regards to injury. All seemed great until we called the insurance company today to hear we have never spoken to them. The number we rang was in fact an accident management company and as they are instructed to work for us the insurance won’t be involved. We explained as far as we were concerned we were talking to them. They said we have to cease work the the management company and cover all costs incurred (car storage, 10 days hire car) or they are insurance provider can’t help. 

What on Earth do we do? We believed we were talking to Hastings Direct all the time and can’t pay for two weeks hire care that our insurance company would have covered anyway. 
Freaking out at the moment so any advice would be amazing. 
Thank you. 
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    Where did you get the telephone number from? Which AxM are you using? What spurred you to call your insurance company today?

    From memory Hastings pass sell your details to Auxillis in non-fault accident cases in certain circumstances.

    The most obvious thing to do is to continue allowing the AxM to continue managing the claim to avoid creating any personal liability.
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    They were lying when they said it wouldn't affect your insurance too.

    You might try asking for the recording of the phone call to see how they identified themselves but you are probably stuffed due to not properly reading the small print.
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    Your post is a bit confusing - are Hastings your sons insurer or the other parties?  You're also not clear if it is Hastings that told you you had to stop using the AMC or was it the other persons insurer?
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