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Hi everyone I'm looking into soundproofing a party wall in a bedroom and wanted opinions from anyone who has had this done. I'm looking to soundproof my 6 year olds party wall joining the neighbours. The bedroom is a very tiny room and the bed can only go on the party wall. Considering the bedroom is so small we have managed to make it cosy and left as much space as possible for play but it's not much at all. My neighbour has a 12 month old and a baby on the way and the 12 month old does not sleep well at night and cries quite alot and we can hear her very clearly which I know can not be helped. Baby also wakes up quite early and bangs toys on the wall. My child is in bed before the baby so is asleep by the time the baby goes to bed most of the time (baby is left crying for some time) but there has been times baby has kept my little one awake. As my little one gets older shes going to want a TV ect and I wouldnt like to think it irritates my neighbours I do try to be as respectful as I can towards neighbours. The only thing I can thing of doing is to soundproof that wall. The problem is I want to maintain as much space as possible so would just like to know how much space this would take up. I have tried to look it up and some sites say it takes quite abit of space others not so much. I completely understand we may not beable to soundproof completely and that's fine we dont mind noise at all but just wanted to drown some noise for her. Also what would the cost be? Any opinions would be much appreciated thankyou. 


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    You can buy soundproofing boards (bit like big sheets of plasterboard) that nail onto your wall. 
    They’re about 3-5cm thick depending on the style. Few hundred pounds I would think.  

    They won’t stop the noise though, only reduce it a little bit. 
    Cheaper options could be cork on the walls but I don’t think this works very well. 

    Babies grow up fast though (in terms of crying all night) so it might not really be worth it in the long run. But of course that’s an entirely personal decision as you’re the one living with it. 

    If the noise is disturbing your little one have you tried a white noise machine to drown it out instead?

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    Thanks for your reply. At the moment with the warm weather we have a fan on at night so that's taking away the noise. I would never say anything about the baby ceying it is something that can't be helped but they are quite loud as a family in regards to they shout not talk so there are times I've been in my little ones room and you can hear them. They do seem the kind where if you make a noise they wont be happy but if they want to make some they can kind of people I've spoken to them a few times where they've complained about small things such as a bike going past or a neighbour talking to loud ect but when they do it it's fine if that makes sense. Noise doesnt bother me at all people can do as they wish in their home and garden as long as it doenst affect my little one at silly times of night but I have explained to my little one there are times we hear noise and just need to think of something nice and go to sleep. I have a feeling when I put a TV in my little ones room theyll have something to say though it wont be on alot or loud but if they do hear it I know something will be said. 
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    OP, properly sound proofing one part of one wall of your house will have only a small effect on the noise transmission either way. You could only sound proof the wall ceiling to floor, so the noise will come under the floor boards or through a roof void or any other path it finds. You'd probably have to sound proof the whole adjoining wall to get any real improvement, and the cost would be ridiculous. As a DIY attempt, you could try 'soundproofing foam' and see how that works. It's relatively inexpensive, so not much to lose.
    The more sensible approach is to accept that there will be some noise and if you can live with it, fine. If you can't there are options if speaking to your neighbours doesn't work. You could contact your local authority noise nuisance team, although it is very difficult to deal with noise from raised voices etc. although not impossible. If it's an old house, then they may be unable to do anything if the walls are thin. 
    Personally, I wouldn't put a TV in your little ones room - better to watch TV as a family and, as you know it may cause issues, may end up with you having the council on your back.
    The law on noise nuisance is around reasonability - if the noise is unreasonable then action can be taken, if it is reasonable, it can't. Hearing a baby crying, as you say, is something that can't be helped. Hearing a TV in the background at 6pm is most likely reasonable, but next door having a loud party at midnight would be unreasonable. 
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    Bigphill I've had a look at the soundproof foam it seems to have good reviews and not too expensive. I'm not bothered about the rest of the house it's more so just my little ones room. I only want to drown abit of sound just so it's not as noisy for my little one when baby is crying so much. I didnt realise how much sound actually came through. It's not a problem hearing neighbours I wouldn't dream of causing a rift unless they had parties at silly times it just nerves me that as my little one gets older ot might start to affect her sleep ect. They have had parties and things like that and I've never said anything to them as its their home and I wouldnt tell them what to do in it unless it became unbearable. I have always taught my children to just respect neighbours I obviously wouldnt stop them making noise it's what children do but just to be mindful. I'd feel abit awkward saying anything about the noise baby is making because as I said it cant be helped so soundproofing slightly was the only thing I could think of really.
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    That foam must be worth a try, then, Raindrop.
    Good luck with it, and could you report back how effective it appears, please - there are regular threads on noise issues.
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    Get a white noise machine or buy her headphones 

    soundproofing will do very little when done cheaply or badly 
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    If by 'soundproofing foam' you mean acoustic foam, it doesn't block any noise. It just reduces echo.
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    Thankyou for your replies. At the minute the fan seems to be working ok to block out any noise but obviously won't work in the winter so I'll look more into the foam before buying it. Also someone recommended a galaxy machine with a projection light and you can also have sound coming through it not sure if that would help but then would my neighbour beable to hear that. Now my little one knows she can hear next door so clearly she started to creep arpund her room and whisper and it shouldn't be like that. Obviously i wouldnt allow her to shout and scream at silly times shes in be for 8. As i said before my neighbours are the type to hint at us or any other neighbour for making noise such as cutting grass, car going past to loudly or someone talking to loudly in their garden, they will say how annoying it is ect but then when they do something too noisy it's fine and people should put up with it (such as putting the children outside on a trampoline at 7AM screaming and shouting) maybe I'm more worried about it than my little one I just feel sorry for her that she has to listen to that for sometimes a good 3 hours. I have explained babies can be noisy ect and seems ok with it I just get "I'll put covers over my head and dream of soemthing nice, it's ok mum" 
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