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Does the MSE credit builder tool hate me?

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MattMontrealMattMontreal Forumite
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Hi all!

I’ve used the credit card eligibility calculator for credit building cards and it says that even with a 50k salary, cheap rent and no dependents I have a 0% chance of getting any of them. Does that seem odd to anybody else?



  • FarfetchFarfetch Forumite
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    No, the MSE site is terrible for that, says the same for everyone
    Use an independent checker or even directly on the issuer's website

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  • sleepyjonessleepyjones Forumite
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    You could have a £100k salary but if you don't pay your bills on time/aren't on the electoral register you won't have a good credit history as far as lenders are concerned ... or the MSE thing is just broken, but a high salary doesn't mean you have a good credit history.
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    You mention you are looking for credit-building cards, so my guess is you have bad/thin credit history - that'll be the main source of your problem. More details would be helpful.

    Otherwise as above, use eligibility checkers directly on the lenders websites and they usually tend to be more accurate.
  • MattMontrealMattMontreal Forumite
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    I've lived in the UK for a couple of years and not had any credit cards or overdrafts. My main bank is Starling. I have no bad credit, but from their point of view I may have no credit at all. I've been on the electoral register for the last year at least.

    I'll try on some cards sites and see what they say. Thanks for the tips!
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    zx81zx81 Forumite
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    I've lived in the UK for a couple of years and not had any credit cards or overdrafts.
    There's your explanation.  You'll typically need three years residence before being accepted even for the sub prime cards.
  • yksiyksi Forumite
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    I managed in less than three years, but the world of lending has tightened up since. You might eventually be successful with your own bank, since they see you have income arriving regularly. If you can, it might help to open a second current account with another bank, especially if your own account is a basic bank account. A mobile phone contract can help, if it's possible, as can "pay by the month" agreements in some cases, like for your utilities or insurance.

    Switching addresses is also seen as a bit of a black mark. I recently bought my own home - making me more stable - but it has absolutely hosed my credit offers because it's a change to my circumstances. The best antidote is time, in other words, the longer you stay put at any address, the more trustworthy you look.
  • RBYHSRBYHS Forumite
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    Or perhaps, you could also look at the Argos Card, pretty easy to get as far as I know (I don’t have it, but everyone in my family does - they all have been approved for it before getting a credit card when they came to the Uk).  
    And as suggested above, a phone contract. Maybe a sim only? 
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