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Tax credits and extra hours

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Would be grateful if someone who knows about these things could give me some advice regarding tax credits and other benefits. 
I'm currently employed and work 30 hours a week @ £9.50 an hour. I've been offered a new job at the same rate of pay but with a 42 hour contract. 
I've been trying to research how much better off I'd be, from what I've seen due to my tax credits, housing benefit and council tax reduction reducing I'd be 27p out of every £1 I earn better off for those extra 12 hours a week worked.
So thats £30.78 a week I'd be better off.
My current employer is very flexible with working hours and shifts and I finish in time to pick my children up from school whereas the prospective employer is very rigid with shifts and I wouldn't finish untill 5:30 each day so I'd have to pay roughly £20 a week for the children to get home from school. 
I know I'd have the satisfaction of not relying on the benefits but I'd be only £10 a week better off for an extra 12 hours work and my work/life ballance would completely change 
Does anybody know if this is correct and I would be 27p per £1 earned better off?
I've tried benefit calculators but they're very confusing.  Thank you for you help.
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