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Partner on ESA - I work - what to do

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Partner on ESA - I work - what to do

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My partner has been poorly since Christmas and spent a couple of months in hospital. He has been awarded ESA (support group) so £226 every two weeks. I work three days a week earning roughly £900 a month. We have a mortgaged property and two kids. An application for PIP is in the system. I’m very concerned about the security of my job at the moment due to a huge downturn in work and I’m worried if I do end up getting made redundant (only 14 months service so no payout) how we will survive. If I ended up out of work and on full UC how much would we actually get? Would we have to pay council tax? 



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    Do be aware that from October the standard allowance of UC will be reduced by £86 per month, unless the Government decide to extend it further.
    You won't receive any help with your mortgage. Your partners ESA will be deducted in full from any UC entitlement. He will also receive the LCWRA element of UC in with your maximum UC entitlement.
    If you have savings/capital of more than £16,000 you'll be excluded from claiming. A claim for UC will end any tax credits you may already be claiming.

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