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What benefit does she claim - council tax query

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Hi, my student son and one of his housemates have recently received a council tax bill, in both their names. The third housemate's name isn't on it. DS and the 3rd housemate are both end of yr2 Undergraduate students.
The other housemate has just finished yr3.
There's been a discount applied fo the period 1st April till next week  when Uni finishes for the summer due to student status, but not the 25% discount I believe it should have as 2 of the housemates are still students.
The housemate that has just finished their degree, doesn't have a job currently. I believe she'll need to claim council tax benefit but son doesn't seem to be able to find that she can just claim this, she needs to claim something else that will entitle her to this. I think it might be Universal credit? I've tried looking on their council's website to help them but there's no option to speak to a human and the link I think *might* be the correct one to follow, the site is down for maintainance. 


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