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Three charging 25 payments for 24 month contract

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hayley11hayley11 Forumite
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Hi, please can somebody offer some advice?

I had a contract with Three, started on the 6th May 2019, I rang to give notice on the 6th April 2021 so the contract would end on the exact date it started to avoid paying anything extra. They're now trying to demand another full payment from me but I've checked my bank statements and I've made 24 payments, the agent on the phone also confirmed I had made 24. So I'm confused, why do I have this extra payment to make?! This is the first time in many years I've just ended a contract without moving to a new provider (it was a phone my niece used and she now has one in her own name) and I honestly don't know if I'm being really stupid or Three are trying to con me?

The agent on the phone also confirmed that payments are made in advance but then went on to say the payment I made at the end of March (which usually goes out around the 4th/5th but they took it early) was for February?! Well that's wrong for sure?

They're threatening debt collectors and I'm finding it very stressful but I'm not paying them something we don't owe them! What can I do?

Thanks, Hayley
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  • PHKPHK Forumite
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    Generally, there is one final bill which covers anything you hadn’t paid previously. For example, Your monthly cost is paid in advance but any extra charges are paid in arrears. 
    Also, your billing date might not correspond to your contract dates so the first and/or last bill might be for part amounts and you’d have an “extra” bill. 
    Or if you’ve ended the contract on the bill date rather than the contract end date then (because they aren’t always the same) then you’ll have an extra bill followed by a final bill to adjust which might be in credit. 
    So it’s possible Three are right but you’d have to look into the circumstances more closely than just counting the number of bills. 

  • BrowntoaBrowntoa Forumite, Board Guide
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    As above , initial up front payment , 24 months contract and then 25th final payment at end of contract if needed to mop up anything from the final month not covered by the contract. This may be a "nothing to pay" bill 
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  • sdduksdduk Forumite
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    To be honest for the sake of 1 month i would pay it, and then fight them afterwards because if they send debt collectors out it means there is miss payments, so they will put the missed payment on your credit file and it may stop you from getting credit if you needed it. 
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  • matelodavematelodave Forumite
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    If your contract started on 6th May then it would finish on 5th May, so if you gave a months notice on 6th April potentially your end date could be be 6th May (you need to check) which would effectively start another month. You really need to check the exact wording of your T&C's to see waht the rules are.
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  • pmdukpmduk Forumite
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    25 bills is pretty normal. You'll be billed 24 times in advance for your monthly service. You also get billed 24 times for any additional usage, but this starts with the second bill. Bill 25 should only contain additional usage for the final period with possibly an adjustment for additional/fewer days.
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