Huawei Lost Our Phone

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We need help as Huawei lost our £900 phone after we sent it off for repair on March 17th. We have had such an awful time with customer services who are telling us one thing time after time then nothing happens. We are properly being fobbed off. They have even admitted liability and responsibility but again nothing happens and we are without our phone. We need help to make sure they send us a replacement device promptly now as we seem to be ignored. Writing on behalf of my 76 year old mother.
We sent it off for repair under warranty with instructions from the Huawei Maintenance App. Sent it via DHL. It arrived at the repair centre on 18th March and was signed for and the the repair was done.
They told us it was returned to the wrong person and now it's lost. Theyve admitted liability but after many weeks of phone calls and emails and with free legal advice from my employee assist program via my work they have said they're waiting authorization from head office for a replace P30 Pro to be sent out but now yet again have gone silent. No reply to emails. No idea when this will happen. 
So utterly frustrating and caused so much stress. 
I'd love some help and advice of what to do.


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    Not much better advice than your << free legal advice from my employee assist program via my work

    Personally i would send an LBA letter before action/ claim for small courts claim .
    Google for templates .
    In the meantime buy a £10 phone to avoid the stress.
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    Also check the consumer rights but then again the consumer rights is with the retailer and the warranty is a bonus on top JJ is right 
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