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Whiff of gas...

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I get the occasional whiff of gas outside my house, not too far from my boiler, which is in the garage and vented through the flat roof. I called out the gas network people, who found a 1 millibar drop on a tightness test and capped off our gas supply. They couldn't detect any leaks on visible areas of gas pipes, including round the boiler. I'm of the understanding that you're normally allowed up to a 4 millibar drop, but there's no tolerance if there's also a smell of gas reported.

Got a gas engineer out. He repeated the tightness test, found no drop and uncapped the supply. He also serviced the boiler. Both he and the guy from the gas network said the smell could just be a normal discharge from the boiler when it's firing up.

I still get the smell outside occasionally. Now I know no one can help me over a forum but I'm keen to hear what others would do in this situation. Would you be relaxed as it's been looked at? Or getting a 3rd opinion?


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    What will you do if you get another opinion which disagrees with the current opinions you have received?  How will you determine which is correct and the action to take?  Both current opinions support the idea that it is just the norm when the boiler lights.
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    A whiff outside the house implies to me that any gas is coming out the flu - so passing through the boiler.  The smell is in the wrong place for it to be related to leaks on inside pipes.
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    Thanks for your responses. I know I have a tendancy to over worry about these sorts of things, so just needed a sense check.
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    If you have an old fashioned meter with little turny dials it's easy to see if any gas is escaping. I suspected I might have a minor leak when I clocked up a bit more usage than expected. I turn my boiler pilot light off when I'm not using it, and checking the meter over the course of a day found the dial had not budged half a hairs width. I don't know if digital meters have enough resolution do do the same test in a reasonable period of time.
    Anyway, since I have an old undergound galvanised steel gas pipe going to an outhouse I was concerned it might be getting corroded. Pleased to learn it's still sound. (Fingers xxd, at the moment.)
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