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EON Back billing issue (PrePayment)

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EON Back billing issue (PrePayment)

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Looking for and appreciate any advice in dealing with EON and back billing issue.

My elderly parents moved home in Oct 2019 and closed their account with EON, prior to that they had been on a prepayment meter for approximately 30 years, well aware that they were paying more than they could be but liked the fact that they paid for it all upfront and didnt owe anything, so far everything good, fast forward to 2021 and they receive a bill from EON with previous charges for 1 Oct 19 to 7 Oct 19 which shows a credit and then a line for amended electricity charges for a period covering 14 Mar 18 to 7 Oct 19.

When they left the property they had a smart meter which had been in place for some time and informed EON that they were moving.  Am I right in thinking that the amended charges fall outside of the permitted timeframe for EON to make these adjustments as they are for a period more than 12 months ago? additionally is it even possible to amass a fairly huge deficit while using a prepayment meter?

Any help/advice/words of wisdom etc greatly appreciated


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    Yes they would seem to be covered by the back-billing rules, and yes since they were on PAYG it is difficult for them to build up a debt, but, we've seen a few cases reported on here of E.ON customers receiving bills like this after being on PAYG without problems.
    There is something in the process of calculating the final bill after leaving that appears to throw out errors like this.
    I would suggest you have them respond with an official written complaint on both points.
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