Easyjet outbound flight cancelled

Hi, last September we had our outbound flight cancelled but not our inbound one. Looking at their website I don't find it is clear what I can be offered. I assume I have lost my money on the inbound flight but I can either request a refund for outbound or get a voucher, or swap to another flight. This is where I'm struggling to understand what my options are since it doesn't state how much I would be refunded - do I get aviation taxes money back as the flights were only around £20 whereas the taxes are £77.
If we choose to get another flight, how much of our original outlay would go towards this? We paid around £180 total for our return tickets including the speedy boarding etc.
I'm also struggling to understand the voucher option and how much this would be for.
Can anybody please clarify a little? Thank you.


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    when one flight is cancelled you can request a full refund of all flights on that same booking. What date is the inbound flight? (it would make things simpler if you ensure you request your refund before that date to avoid you being flagged as a no-show passenger)
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    And that's the key question. Are both inbound and outbound flights on the same booking? 
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    Thanks both, the flight was for last September, we planned to book something else as we had 1 year to do so but obviously things haven't improved a great deal. Both flights were on the same booking yes.
    By the sound of it, we would have been classed as "no show" passengers :(
    We had things going on around the time, the flight was cancelled 3 weeks before and we expected the return to have been cancelled too.
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    Just got off the phone to them and have pretty much a full refund, which I'm pleased with :smile:
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