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Conservatory Roof Trouble

We moved a year ago and part of the work needed on the new house was a new roof on the conservatory. We had a company carry out the work, with the initial deposit being paid on my credit card and the remainder by bank transfer. Work was completed in June. 

In July we noticed the roof was leaking, so we contacted the company and was ignored. I persisted, but no response. I then sent a warning email threatening legal action which they responded to, but again very little happened. Fast forward to around early January and the roof is causing a big leak, so again I contacted them and again no response. I then decided to post all over their Facebook page to which they responded, but also banned me! I've since has a trusted builder in to correct the work, and I've also started a claim with the credit card company. 

The roof company have responded and have asked that their team visit and assess and make good any repairs, but j don't trust them. I've not heard anything from the credit card company as yet. 

What should I do? Do I let them visit my house? Legally do I have to do this? 

Thank you. 


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    Do you have a full detailed record of all the attempts you made to contact them, and their lack of response? If so, you are probably on solid enough ground having given them ample opportunity to resolve this correctly. They have failed repeatedly, to the point that all trust has now broken down between you.

    Do you have LP on your insurance? If so, call them up for advice - and to pursue your case. If you don't have, still call them up for the 'advice' bit.
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