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Oven & Display Not Working - Hob and Grill Fine

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Hi all,
Can anyone advice me of what might be the problem on my cooker please? It's a free standing Beko BDVC664S, the oven has stopped working, has no power at all, nor is there any power to the cooker lights that usually display the time. The hob and grill are still working though. I have replaced the element in the oven but had no luck.
Any suggestions as to what the problem may be? Many thanks.


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    I doubt there are any internal fuses, so it'll likely be case of either a faulty oven control (tho' I don't know why this would also affect the display) or else a poor connection inside - possibly as simple as a spade connector gone 'high resistance'. Quite possibly the display takes its power from a secondary 'spade' on the main control.

    You'll only be able to trace/diagnose this if you are up to taking the back and/or front off and inspecting all the terminals. A mains tester on 'continuity' should help (or on 'live' if you are wearing rubber gloves and know what you are doing...)

    Not a job for anyone with less than total competence.
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