Honours where they are deserved.

We have a few individuals within our village who go out of their way to help others, including the needy in the wider environment of our nearby conurbation. They frequently request food, clothing and furnishings for needy families from all backgrounds, especially those who fall between the cracks of the official assistance. They then go out and deliver the assistance to them
I was rather surprised that the New Years Honours list was full of the usual "Look at me, look at what I've achieved or done on TV/stage/sports field/etc", whereas none of these very deserving individuals got a mentioned. Then again, am I really?
Please to be discriminated against by financial institutions. Thank-you for taking advantage of my Dyspraxia.:)


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    We have such people in our village too and they go out of their way to help others, stay up late sorting clothes and food so they can get out early next morning to deliver to people less fortunate. They also arrange for people to visit lonely elderly people (at a distance now) and take them food and supplies and they take their dogs out as required and seem to be always on the go. At Christmas they organised Christmas cards and gifts for those who had no-one. They set up a group on Facebook so we can all know what's going on. Our little community recognises and thanks these wonderfully philanthropic people who are not doing these things for recognition but like you say, people like that should all be getting much better and wider reaching recognition. I hate that there's a pandemic, of course but I love the unselfish community spirit that's continuing to blossom where I live. 
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    Have you looked at the full list of Honours, rather than those highlighted by the media?

    You can nominate people in your community to receive an honour on gov.uk/honours
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    This OP does seem rather an antithesis to the title of this board, being as it is a bit negative. :)
    Jenni x
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