Our Small-Holding Dreams & Moving Forward Diary 2021

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Hello All  :)

The World Events of the last year have shook us awake and we (my little family) have come to realise now is the time to pursue our self-sufficiency small holding dream.
Myself and my DP both have mortgaged properties to renovate and sell, then we shall put the proceeds towards some land and a small farmhouse style property.
We both work from home now - due to redundancy -  and don't plan on a return to the work place. Even though our monthly income has taken a bashing, we realise working from home and living a more relaxed lifestyle has given up a quality of life we never expected. We have also started to electively home educate this year. So whilst renovating homes, working from home and home educating, we are also trying to live a more frugal and financially savvy lifestyle to enable this new, more connected lifestyle.

I plan on keeping this diary to keep track on our progress, note down even small victories and hopefully use to reflect back upon when times get tough.


To an illuminating 2021 for us all  <3

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2021 The Year of Our Small-Holding


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    What a fabulous dream and ambition, I think I could go for the farming life myself but OH is definitely a town guy! 
    We also self educated our daughter (she decided she wanted to return to school after 18months) it’s so much more fun and the 1-on-1 means the learn a whole lot more and at a quicker pace. The main reason we liked it, was so we could teach her life skills that aren’t (but should be) taught in school like cooking/finances etc.
    Anyway, I look forward to reading more on your progress, and good luck on your journey :) 
    What’s meant for you will not pass you 😃
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    A fabulous dream...all the best with your plans to make it a reality.
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    All the best.
    Target 1) Prioritise health & social connection 2) Write regularly 45,509/70,000 words Book 2 and 10,787/70,000 Priestess book, 30,000/95000 Memoir Prep 3a) Get to £10K EF/Savings Now £5,641 3b) £1.6K Savings for DD Car (Achieved) 4) MFW starting at £201,999 Nov 21 with 264 248 payments to go. Now £191,648) Mortgage neutral progress via pension £2,787 invested since Nov 21 6) Declutter 7) Invest in fun and frolics - and not just future self! 8) CC Debt free April 22 (now stay that way!!)
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    What a lovely ambition to have. I could imagine myself on a small holding with a few sheep & goats roaming about. I’ve only had cats, dogs & chickens so far but it must be nice to be more self sufficient.
    We also have the same guilty pleasure, I love watching a bit of Judge Judy whilst eBaying 🤣
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