Can I have some help with washing expensive clothes please?

My son received some expensive branded clothes items including tracksuits and t shirts for Christmas. Can anyone please advise how to wash these to make them last as long as possible and to avoid bobbling/damage. My daughter has already got her eyes on tracksuits when my sons grown out of them. I was thinking of washing them on cold with just a small amount of fairy laundry liquid. Would it be better to wash each item separately? Which of course is going to bump up my electric bill. Or maybe wash them together but put each item in a pillow case. Also is there anything I should be doing to keep what looks to be the iron on motifs of the brand looking good and not crack. Thanks in advance. 


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    Hello, am not a washing buff.  Am sure there will be some great advice to come but here is what I would do.  Always wash all clothes inside out, drying too.  Pillowcases or mesh washing bags stop the item being pulled/twisted a hundred different ways.

    Clothes do not need the bashing about that they used to (unless marked/stained).  If they were my clothes I would soak them overnight in fairy and warm water (unless you are worried about shrinking) and then put them on the shortest wash possible.  I am lucky, my old banger of a washing machine has a 15 minute cycle.  I use it just to rinse as it/they have been soaking in soap.

    good luck

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    Use a soap that is designed for colours and wash inside out

    Air dry as much as possible, tumble drying isn't really good for clothes or ironed on motifs

    Iron inside out as well if required

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