council PCN for parking on private land

Hello Guys,
my 1st thread here,  I've received a 'Notice of Rejection of Represntations Against Notice to Owner' from Camden council parking operations.
I parked my motorcycle on those glass blocks you see on pavements next to odffice blocks. These glass blocks have been installed over basements since Victorian times to allow light in the basements. More importantly, they define the private land that belongs to the adjacent building. That's why you can see motorbikes parked on these private land sections all over London. As long as you switch off and push the bike over the pavement to get to the private bit you are okay. The yellow lines are enforced 'from building line to building line'. So you cann imagine my dismay on receiving the fine...and now being told it still stands...
The council's states that 'ownership of the land is no necessarily an indicator of whether the land is public highway or not.' this sounds to like like a slippery slope...public bodies fining people for being on private land? 


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