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Hi everyone  :)

For various reasons my purse strings are being squeezed yet again! I wondered if anyone would please have a glance over my set bills each month and see if there was anywhere glaringly obvious where I could cut my spending. The reason I ask is because until recently I thought it was normal to spend £35/month on mobile phone bills etc, until my brother showed me how to cancel my contract and switch to plusnet's cheapest option and it serves me fine. I am wondering if there is anything else that is a really obvious place to cut costs that has just passed me by. Obviously there is food, childcare etc on top, but there are my basic bills/direct debits each month.

I am a single parent household, 2 children.

Car insurance - £20.95
DVLA - £14
Council Tax - £108
Mortgage - £471.48
Energy - £65
Mobile - £9.64
Water - £19
Home Insurance - £6.95
Life Assurance - £12.48
TV Licence - £13.37
Broadband - £18.99

Thanks in advance



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    Sorry I don't think so!  Whist your energy looks good you could have a quick look at MSE energy club just to check you are on the very best deal?  TV licence seems a little high, maybe check that out too?  
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    They all look normal. If you need to make savings it could be in areas such as groceries, clothing etc.
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    Presuming you receive the council tax single person 25% reduction?
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    You can ask for council tax to be spread over 12 months not 10. Same overall cost but slightly easier on the budget.
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    As said, bills look reasonable.    Spending cuts need to be made in non-essentials. Leisure (sadly) is an easy one. My home-made spreadsheet on which I tracked my spending, showed £25+ a week on coffee and a sausage roll (or similar) each time I went into town (daily!).  Clothes - no point, can't go anywhere at the moment. Take-aways?  Vices ("fags'n'booze!) cost a lot.

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    caeler said:
    TV licence seems a little high, maybe check that out too?  
    You could switch to a black and white set to save a few quid...  ;)
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    The bills do not look too bad.  Your car insurance would be cheaper if you paid annually but obviously that means saving up to pay it upfront.  The TV licence fee is correct if you pay monthly.  If you do not watch live tv you could get rid of that and just watch netflix as that is just £5.99 a month. 
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    When people normally post an SOA, it is the food bill which is always the one to cut (most times) so perhaps you could save money here an there.
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    Just from your direct debit amounts, you seem to be savvy and on the ball with moneysaving.  Can we help with the 'various reasons' you're feeling the squeeze?
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    What's the monthly charge of £14 to the DVLA?
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