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Back in April I moved from Plusnet to Vodafone for my broadband with the promise of faster speeds. The transfer went fine but the performance was diabolical. 56Mb was the predicted speed, during the evening time it was down to less than 1Mb, I spoke with Vodafone tech support and they really dont know what theyre doing, I am an I.T. professional specialising in Networks, I run a wired at home and I was gettng advice like go onto the router and change the WiFi channel, move nearer the router etc despite explaining at length that I wasnt using WiFi.  Long story short it was disaster so I cancelled within the 14 days of the service starting. I was told I would be refunded my payments and that I would have to return the router.
I returned the router, my line ceased almost immediately, I signed up for BT broadband but the signup failed because Vodafone was still claiming the line had their service on it. I spoke to Vodafone and was told it would 3 days before it was released, I waited the 3 days, signed up again for BT and again it failed a week into the order. Each failure added a hard credit search on me. Finally signed up with BT, service went live and has been fine.
In August I received a bill from Vodafone for £17.24 supposedly for my Broadband service. I contacted Vodafone and various discussions took place, each time they needed to look into the problem etc. I got sick of all the hassle so on 8th of September I paid the bill by bank transfer with the correct invoice reference in place. Now Vodafone are chasing me for payment via CCS, I have spoken to CCS several times explaining it's paid and I may as well talk to the wall, they say I have to prove it's paid, my take is they have prove it isnt. I have spoken to Vodafone again and they claim they cant see it on their system, it's clearly shown leaving my account, I have the date and the time etc.
I feel completely harrassed by Vodafone and their agents, can I take action against them, if so what and how? I'm annoyed on principal that I had to pay for their garbage to start with, when they ceased my line my number was also lost (weve the landline number for 30 years) which was considerable agro, why should they be able to conduct business in this way?
Any help and advice gratefully received.


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