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Norwegian Air - delay in refunding

I booked a Norwegian Gatwick-Boston flight for myaself and my wife for 21st August 2020 and return on 15th September.  Some friends were also going on the same flight.
on 10th June I dscovered that there were no flights to Boston in August and Norwegain confirmed on the phone that I could claima refund.   I duly completed their form  online and having done so emailed my  friends to tell them they could do so also.   My friends received a refund on 22nd June.
On 30th June I feceived an email saying:
"This is just a quick note to let you know that we have now processed your ticket refund request for the following ticket(s): xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (4 reference numbers)
These funds will be returned to the form of payment in your booking as soon as possible. If you booked your ticket through a travel agency, please contact them for your refund.
We thank you for your patience, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you on board again soon."  (We booked direct so travel agency reference does not apply.)
I later emailed their chief executive and got this reply on 21st July:
"Thank you for your email to Mr. Schram which has been passed to us as we are situated in the Customer Relations Department and are responsible for assessing and answering all correspondence received, and for considering all complaints, on behalf of our management team. 
Unfortunately over the past weeks we have experienced a number of challenges due to the significant impact of COVID-19. This situation developed very quickly, and we were forced to re-assign resources from various parts of our organisation to assist customers with urgent travel needs. 
 Your refund has been processed and the payment is queued, but unfortunately, we cannot currently provide any estimate time-frame in which the money will be transferred. We apologies for this and thank you for your understanding.
We appreciate your patience during this difficult time."
Whilst i do understand they have had difficulties I find it dififcult to believe it would take this long and that they do not appear to be processing redund claims in any kind of chronological order given that our friends applied about half an hour after we did but received their refund in 12 days!
Can anyone suggest anything else we can do to get this refund?


As a retired conveyancing solicitor I believe the information given in the post to be useful assuming any properties concerned are in England/Wales but I accept no liability for it.


  • Alan_BowenAlan_Bowen Forumite
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    I think something must have gone wrong with your refund as the majority of people received refunds very quickly (in relative terms to other airlines) from Norwegian despite their obvious cash flow problems. I would chase again and if no action results, try a chargeback or section 75 claim against your card issuer
  • tinadevtinadev Forumite
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    I had a flight booked for March 2020 and we are still waiting for our refund despite chasing!! I am at my wits end where to go next with this 
  • WestinWestin Forumite
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    tinadev said:
    I had a flight booked for March 2020 and we are still waiting for our refund despite chasing!! I am at my wits end where to go next with this 

    See Alan’s reply above your post.  I would think the same applies if your original flight was after March 16th and was cancelled.
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