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Home insurance potential claim?

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Home insurance potential claim?

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GoldenhindeGoldenhinde Forumite
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Good morning everyone, I wonder if you could help me with a quite specific query.
In this case a rather dopey old man who happens to be my dad - has taken the plug out of a shower tray to clean the build up of the usual muck and hair etc (lovely thought i know) and whilst doing this accidentally manages to drop the cap from a shampoo bottle down the plug hole and in trying to get it out inadvertently pushes it further down the pipe and 'round a corner' meaning it couldn't be reached. As a result the shower can now only be used for about 2 minutes before it all backs up and starts to flood the shower room.
My question - the works to rectify this I suspect would be quite costly and potentially could involve taking the shower tray up and maybe even some of the floor, is this something that would typically be covered by insurance?
Before anyone suggests just calling the insurance co it is unfortunately not quite as simple as that as he hasn't got a clue who he's with (thats my next job) but just wanted to get a bit of a feeling for if this sort of thing would actually typically be covered.

Thanks in advance


  • davidmcndavidmcn Forumite
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    Not a "standard" thing, no, though policies might have home emergencies as an add-on. Doesn't he have a copy of his policy? Is he sure he even has insurance?
  • GoldenhindeGoldenhinde Forumite
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    Thanks davidmcn. He doesn't have copies of anything - to say he lives his life in disarray would be an understatement! I'm pretty sure he has insurance but was just trying to get a feel for if he would be covered before i start trying to work all that out.
  • TELLIT01TELLIT01 Forumite
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    You need to find the policy, and call the insurer to find out if he would be covered and what excess there may be.  Only then can you make a decision whether or not claiming is worthwhile.
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    oscarwardoscarward Forumite
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    Can I suggest one of these, I had a blockage in an outside drain which wouldn't shift so used one of these.
    from amazon or other outlets

    Rolson 60979 Brick Line Green and Pink, 5 m

    It will go round bends, you crank the handle and it bites and dislodges whatever is blocking.  Worth a punt for £9.00 and useful to have anyway.

  • SandtreeSandtree Forumite
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    If you have full accidental damage cover on your Home/Buildings insurance it may cover it but considering the excess etc I would have thought it would be easier/cheaper to get it rodded
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    eddddyeddddy Forumite
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    As others suggest, it might be worth trying to push the bottle cap with a rod/snake until it drops down the soil stack (if that's what the waste pipe is connected to).

    Alternatively, if you can get (hire?) a powerful wet n dry vacuum cleaner, and make an air-tight seal between the shower trap and vacuum hose, maybe you can suck the bottle cap out of the pipe.
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