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Any tips on building/buying a new kitchen?

I'm planning on refreshing my kitchen. New tops, new units (I need new ones, as the old ones have a weird spidery void between the wall at the back board!), and I plan to add a breakfast bar and extra cupboards in a small annex room. I don't need new appliances, but I'm planning to move them slightly to make more sense of the space.

Any advice on money saving ways of doing this very welcome indeed, I'm seeing lots of BIG numbers on some sites and it's really intimidating!

Thanks, Andy.


  • gwynlasgwynlas Forumite
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    Go to a couple of showrooms with room dimensions and see what they suggest. Two or more might come up with different configurations that you had not thought of. Where you actually buy your kitchen is then up to you as to whether you go flat pack or assembled self build or fitter.
  • stevreadstevread Forumite
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    If its a basic like for like and you feel confident enough do it yourself. Flat pack cupboards now days are excerlent quality and easy to put together, You can order work tops on line cut to size nowdays. obviously you will need a proffesional for any electrical or plumbing work.You will save yourself a good few thousands of pounds. If not sure maybe you could get someone to help you whos good at DIY.

  • FreeBearFreeBear Forumite
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    stevread said: Flat pack cupboards now days are excerlent quality and easy to put together,
    But not the B&Q GoodHome range - By all accounts, they are flimsy and unlikely to last long. The Cooke & Lewis stuff was OK for the price, but that range is no longer available.
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