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WTC Renewal

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Just wanted to double-check that I'm understanding things correctly regarding WTC renewals this year.

As I understand things, most WTC claims are auto-renewing this year, and if you've just received a TC603R (and the later letter about the error), your form has the black line above where it says "Tax Credits - Annual Review for year ended 05/04/2020" and it says "Check now, no later than 31/07/2020" in the box above the black line, you're in the auto-renew group and don't need to do anything unless there's been a change in circumstances.

What's causing the uncertainty is that the TC603R also says "We want you to: [bit missed out about checking amounts] and, ask you to make a tax credits claim for 2020-2021."

Of course, it also says about not having to contact them further if there's no changes to report...

(Just to help, on the annual review, step C, going though the two steps leads me to the bit that says "Your annual review is now complete and you do not have to do anything else. We will finalise your 2019-2020 award as shown on page 1 and your award for 2020-2021 is shown in the Payments section.")

And, on the letter about the error, it says "We will also regard you as having claimed tax credits for the year 2020-2021 based on this information."

Based on my reading of everything, and all of the news stories etc I've read about WTC renewals this year, I'm assuming that I'm in the auto-renewal group and, as I've no changes to report, don't need to contact HMRC at all. Am I correct?


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