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ESA - Correct Benefit for Mum

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ESA - Correct Benefit for Mum

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My mother was off sick from work since April 2018 due to ill health. In November 2019 her employer terminated her contract and she was dismissed from work as she was still ill and unlikely to go back to work for the forseeable future. My mother is currently 60 years old and is not receiving any benefits or pension. She applied for Universal Credit in December 2019 but was turned down as she and my father had savings of £20,000. She also applied for PIP as she suffers from severe arthritus in both knees and my father helps will all housework but this was also rejected. My father is 71 years old and receives a pension.
As my mother is presently still not working anywhere due to ill health (which her GP can certify) and she has paid national insurance contributions even when she was on sick leave until November 2019, is she entitled to and can she claim the new style ESA?
Any help would be much appreciated as I am at a loss as to which benefit she should be entitled too - especially as universal credit and PIP were previously rejected.
Thanks in advance. 


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