Need help with state pension -Update 13/8

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I need to apply for state pension for my wife. We have deferred it for as long as we could but now as my health is ailing we want to apply. I checked online and it seems straight forward but my wife does not have a Government Gateway account. 
1. Please can someone advise which method should I use - online or post? 
If it is online - then which service can I use - my wife only has a UK passport -all household bills are in my name.  Gateway or Gov. Verify? Is one service better or quicker than the other?

2. She became 60 on 12-1-1950 - so she should get her pension from her 60th birthday? So that is nearly 10 years of deferrnment. However we were on pension credit from 2010 to 2014 - so does that mean the deferrment is only 6 years?

3. She has not worked for over 30 years. Her enititlement I believe is based on my NI contributions.

4. If we took the lump sum would that be tax free? 



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