New Green Homes Grant to give up to £5,000 in vouchers for insulation and double-glazing

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Vouchers worth up to £5,000 will be issued to homeowners in England to make their homes more energy efficient under a new Government scheme that launches in September. We don't yet have full details about how the new scheme will work though – see what we know so far below...

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'New Green Homes Grant to give up to £5,000 in vouchers for insulation and double-glazing'

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  • brewerdavebrewerdave Forumite
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    Cue the flybynight insulation salesman - "loft insulation mate? I'll just nip up in your loft and measure -won't cost you anything......" 
  • CondiemCondiem Forumite
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    I mistakenly filled out an online form for double glazing grants and my phone has not stop ringing. I eventually answered it to this young cocky salesman who I couldn’t get rid of. He was so desperate to get all my details and for a double glazing company to come out for an hour and half measure up and discuss windows. I hung up and then he kept calling and calling, I blocked the number and he kept using different numbers. Complete pest. You don’t get anything for free in this country. Don’t be fooled!  
  • Norman_CastleNorman_Castle Forumite
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    Personally I'd prefer them to supply the insulation for me to install. Far cheaper for them and will be installed properly because I live here rather than indifferently by someone who doesn't.
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  • Ken68Ken68 Forumite
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    Had a call this morning, from an enquiry I made about 10 years ago.Some firm in Suffolk named Aran. My double glazing is getting on for 25 yrs old and he seemed to think new windows are on the cards.
  • tgroom57tgroom57 Forumite
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    When a similar scheme gets round to Wales, I'd like it to include replacement double glazing for where the existing ones are over a certain age. As a standalone grant/voucher ie without having to sign up for a gas boiler. 
    On a separate issue, I left my details with a Welsh DG firm in town and they haven't stopped ringing me - and every single time they refuse to discuss things with (the little woman) they only want to speak to the man of the house. Good luck with that.
  • LA468LA468 Forumite
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    Anyone have any information on how to be an accredited provider for the new scheme please? Can't find any info anywhere 
  • matelodavematelodave Forumite
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    I guess if you are a member of a trade body or organisation you'll be informed otherwise it will be a case of trawling the internet at frequent intervals until the info come out
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    Bobbi_TBobbi_T Forumite
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    We are wondering the same. Our double
    glazing was installed in about mid 1986 & obviously are far less efficient than modern day units.
    i was hoping the grant would enable us (2 pensioners) to upgrade with replacements but it’s looking like we
    wont qualify.

    oh well all i can do is wait and see,
    keeping fingers crossed!  

  • ewartterryewartterry Forumite
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    Hello hello everyone 
    i have blown air heating which is 26 years old the hot water side has not worked for over a year now. British gas have condemned the hot water side saying parts are obsolete.
    I get child credits does anyone know if I would be eligible for a new boiler under the governments new grant system please many thanks terry
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