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Too much of a good thing.

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Hey Everyone,
The OH and I have started looking into moving to a bigger house. She currently has a mortgage and great credit history. 
While I have never had any defaults or CCJ's and I am ok at managing my finances I do have three credit cards with a limit around 31k and 3k on one from my season ticket at 0% (have added the refund into my stocks and shares as it earns me some extra money)

I have seen others mention that having too much credit available on credit cards can be seen as a negative impact when making a mortgage application. Currently I have one with the bank that is years old, one I use for 0% foreign fees when on holiday and one I keep for work expenses (personal card but is easier)

Should I look to lower the limits on these to something sensible (say 3-4K each opposed to nearly 11k) or would this impact the credit report as we are looking to apply in the next 2-3 months. I do have a good credit report (according to Credit Karma, clearscore and mse credit check) but would hate to be turned down because of something I could have fixed.

Thanks for the Advice :)


  • jamielutz1987jamielutz1987 Forumite
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    The 3k balance that you carry will reduce your affordability slightly.

    Having unused credit cards as described in your post will have no noticeable impact on your chances of getting a mortgage. In your place I wouldn't cut limits or anything.
  • Tilly111213Tilly111213 Forumite
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    I had the same advice from my broker - she said not to worry about unused credit cards...
  • kingstreetkingstreet Forumite
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    Ignore the garbage credit reference agencies say about improving your "credit score." It has little/no effect on mortgage lending.
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