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Can you choose to not sell to someone?

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  • Grumpy_chapGrumpy_chap Forumite
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    Assuming your friend gets an offer from the family from hell, she should just take the money.  Likely, though, they won't offer in case they turn into the right snobs that live there!
  • MojisolaMojisola Forumite
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    curtis122 said:

    She is worried now that they may offer as although she is moving she loves her house (location is the issue) and has always wanted it to hopefully go to a someone that is going to look after it and care.

    Is there a way you can choose to not sell to someone if they just gave you a bad impression or attitude?

    You can decide who you sell your house to - you don't need to give an explanation.
    When I was selling my Dad's house, there was one lot of viewers who I felt the same about - not because of them caring for the house but for the sake of the neighbours who had been friends of my parents for many years and had helped care for them in their last years.
    Fortunately, despite saying they were very keen on the house, they didn't put in an offer but I think I would have refused to sell to them if they had done so.
  • eidandeidand Forumite
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    look, in the current situation a seller would have to be daft to refuse to sell to certain people. Take the money, thank the lucky stars.
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    ScotbotScotbot Forumite
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    Was it the first viewing ? If so I imagine they will want a second if they like it In which case she can insist adults only
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    curtis122curtis122 Forumite
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    I kind of understand where she is coming from, its not a control thing and obviously what happens after someone buys it won't really matter as you would have no idea at all and what happens when they sell it well that would not matter at all then as you would be more than settled in your new place by then and a lot more time would have passed. Its not a case of letting go you effectively have already let go given your selling it but the point is you would still 'like' to think it goes to someone who would look after it. Some people aren't bothered about their home for whatever reason its just 4 walls it does not matter they are not bothered I understand that also.

    As a slightly exaggerated example if you have 2 people come and view your house and both put offers in and one gave the impression they really do not care that much about houses and tell you how their kids/pets tend to ruin them which is why and the other who offered just come across ok which one would you prefer to sell too? I know some will say they still don't care but I imagine a lot will prefer the latter if there were no other factors involved.

  • Mutton_GeoffMutton_Geoff Forumite
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    You clearly haven't run a business of your own where you must adopt the mantra "the customer is king". Difficult though it is, it's important to grit your teeth and view those people like pound signs before your eyes. It's not personal, it's business.
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  • Grumpy_chapGrumpy_chap Forumite
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    Sounds like the OP's friend is the equivalent of all those people in lovely picturesque sea-side towns who don't like the townies coming into the area and would never sell their beloved family home to become a dreadful holiday cottage.  Until the only / highest offer is from one of those awful townies.

    Frankly, unless the OP's friend is inundated with over-the-asking-price offers, the reality will be to accept whatever offer they get at the right price.  If there are multiple offers, then real differences such as "procedability" will be the issues to consider, not whether the kids were mucking around.

    If the OP's friend  decides to turn down the offer from this awful family based on the kid's behaviour, they better be jolly sure that this is not hiding some deeper prejudice especially if the potential buyers are with a "protected characteristic" group.  At times like this, it really is best to keep a purely business head.
  • AdrianCAdrianC Forumite
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    I'm not only with the OP on this, but I'd actually go a step further.

    I'd talk to the EA, explain how little control the parents had of their revolting spoiled crotchfruit little darlings, tell the EA to outright refuse any offer, and suggest they invite the parents to leave the sprogs at home for any future viewings.
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