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Vet adding "Covid surcharge" to the bill

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Vet adding "Covid surcharge" to the bill

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Please could someone advise whether there are any rules & regulations relating to the addition of a "Covid surcharge" (£4) to a bill for veterinary treatment (in this specific case: routine blood tests for an elderly dog).  


  • powerful_Roguepowerful_Rogue Forumite
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    Was the price agreed before hand?
  • zoobzoob Forumite
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    Not an issue as long as you were informed in advance or notices where In plain sight stating surcharge and if not don’t pay the £4 
  • PollyPainterPollyPainter Forumite
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    Many thanks for your replies. No, the surcharge wasn't agreed in advance - so it came as a surprise! 
  • Manxman_in_exileManxman_in_exile Forumite
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    Tell them you don't want to pay it as you weren't informed of it beforehand.  See if they'll waive it.  (I say this rather than simply refuse to pay it as it depends how much you rely on this vet and need to use them in future).

    As an aside, my wife is looking at a course of dental treatment and her dentist has clearly informed her that they are making a surcharge for "essential" PPE.  And it's a lot more than £4!
  • neilmclneilmcl Forumite
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    If they have a social media presence then it's probably worth dropping a comment on their page but if they're a decent vet practice I'd be wary about souring your relationship with them over £4.
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    Vet fees are made up of all the costs of  the components of the treatment e.g. with an operation  it is billed down to the last bandage  or swab used.
    The standard cost of  blood test would not include the additional cost of PPE due to covid-19
    Rather than just increase the cost he has detailed why the cost is more this time. A reasonable charge in my opinion.
    If you want to continue to use the vet I would suggest you pay without argument.He has no obligation to continue treating your pet.

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